KIYATEC is ushering in a new world of cancer diagnostics that
use living cells grown and tested in a more relevant 3D environment.

Clinical Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer DiagnosticsKIYATEC is driving the future of clinical cancer diagnostics to provide more accurate prediction of patient-specific response to cancer treatments.  Placing the patient's own living cancer cells into a more biologically relevant 3D culture environment, KIYATEC cell-based assays can better assist oncologists with improved response data and faster turnaround!

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Services & Partnering

3D Cell CultureKIYATEC’s 3D cell-based models provide physiologically-relevant, efficient and cost-effective platforms for testing both small molecule and biologic drugs in an in vivo-like environment to better understand drug efficacy, response or resistance. Opportunities also exist for co-clinical trial partnering to apply ex vivo patient selection based on our Drug Response Profiling (DRP) approach.
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NCI Awards KIYATEC $1.725M to Develop Cancer Stem Cell Expansion Technologies

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NIBIB Awards KIYATEC $225K to Develop 3D In Vitro Platelet Bank
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RESI Boston 2015: KIYATEC Places 2nd at RESI in Boston

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AACR 2015: Three KIYATEC Abstracts Accepted for Poster Presentations
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National Cancer Institute Awards KIYATEC Nearly $2M to Advance Predictive Cancer Diagnostics
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Molecular Med TRI-CON 2016
San Francisco, CA
Mar 6-11

Boston, MA
Nov 5-9

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)
National Harbor, MD
Nov 4-8