Drug Discovery Contract Service

Do you want to improve the fidelity of your drug discovery preclinical testing?
Is there a tissue you need to model that requires multiple cell types? 
Are you intrigued by the higher relevance of 3D cell culture but unsure of the investment? 
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KIYATEC is pleased to offer contract testing services to those companies developing small molecule compounds or monoclonal antibody biologics.  Our laboratories can complete standard two-dimensional (2D) and advanced three-dimensional (3D) cell-based assays to support your preclinical evaluation of drug toxicity and/or efficacy.  We have extensive experience implementing perfused 3D cell culture using KIYATEC's 3DKUBE™ technology platform.


In addition to our existing assays, KIYATEC personnel can work with your staff to support custom development of in vitro cell-based microphysiologic models incorporating multiple cell types and relevant microenvironment to simulate your tissue of interest.  KIYATEC works with each client to understand their needs and develop a preclinical testing plan to support the client's goals.  We can implement a number of assays using various cell types, including primary cells and/or immortalized cell lines.


To find out more about our drug discovery contract services, contact us today!



Increasingly complex models of human physiology, including cell proliferation, function, migration/invasion and phenotypic expression, require cytokine and metabolic soluble factor exchange from one cell type to another. This complexity is achieved in vitro by co-culturing two or more different cell types.

For many co-culture applications, mixed co-culture (two or more cell types cultured in the same chamber) has significant drawbacks, including population ratio imbalance over time due to differing proliferation rates and the challenges of downstream isolation and characterization of the target cell type of interest.

The solution is segregated co-culture, in which two cell types are in biochemical communication but remain physically separated.  The power of segregated co-culture to build complexity into biological models and biomanufacturing is enormous but has been largely inaccessible due to technical challenges.  KIYATEC’s 3DKUBE™ technology platform unlocks the power of segregated co-culture in perfused 3D cell culture.


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